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We have custom solutions available immediately! Hiding those annoying cables and power cords are also available. We also can help you by providing a complete home security camera system to ensure security for you and your family every single day. For the ultimate security solution, we can install surveillance cameras and outdoor spotlights on your property, keeping unwanted visitors out.


Business or Home Office

Audio and video installation including plasmas, projectors, monitors, and cameras.

We pass on our manufacture’s discounts to you for equipment.


Home Security Systems

There are many advantages to video surveillance cameras. They are an excellent tool to protect any location from possible intruders. In addition to watching events in real time, you also have the option of have a valuable recording in case of a theft.

Security cameras often function as a deterrent for criminals. Generally, a house with a surveillance system scares away burglars before they enter the house.

Intelligent video surveillance system

This technology can detect security events through analytics, allowing immediate alerts and action without the need for constant monitoring.

Perimeter security

Solutions are available to detect any attempted intrusion using a sensor cable that covers the perimeter and detects the proximity or trespassing of intruders.

Security cameras

Smart cameras can detect suspicious activity, such as intruders, people counting, line crossing, object removal through one system that detects events without the need for permanent monitoring.

Plate reading

Vehicle license plates can be read with special plate reading software.

Video analytics

Applications can automatically describe what is happening in the video (counting people, tracking objects, crossing lines, etc.)

Insurance policy discounts

All insurance companies include a series of variables and requirements that, if met, can translate into a considerable reduction in the cost of the insurance policy.  

Why buy home security equipment through the technician?

We provide expertise regarding the best, most reliable products for the best price. We will deliver and install the equipment and ensure it’s working properly. 


Home Theater & TV mounting

We specialize in Home Theater Systems, including wall mounting, all-size HDTVs, projectors with fixed screens, electrical screens, and Comfort Theater Seats. Hidden components, cables, and power cords. Programming universal remotes. Safety is guaranteed on all wall-mounted systems.

Mounting your home theater system and TV offers several advantages:

1. Optimal Viewing Experience: Mounting your TV at the right height and angle enhances your viewing experience, providing a comfortable and immersive setup.

2. Space Efficiency: Wall mounting saves floor space and eliminates the need for bulky furniture, creating a cleaner and more organized living area.

3. Safety: Wall mounting prevents the risk of the TV being knocked over, especially in households with children or pets, reducing the potential for accidents.

4. Aesthetics: Wall-mounted TVs create a sleek and modern look, reducing clutter and making your living space more visually appealing.

5. Cable Management: Wall mounts often come with cable management solutions that hide unsightly cables and wires, maintaining a tidy appearance.

6. Better Sound: Some TV mounts are designed to enhance sound quality by angling the speakers towards the viewer, improving audio performance.

7. Flexible Placement: Wall mounting allows you to position your TV at the ideal height and angle, ensuring everyone in the room has a clear view without any obstructions.

8. Reduced Glare: Mounting the TV at the right angle can minimize glare from windows or lights, improving the overall picture quality.

9. Enhanced Security: Wall mounts with locking mechanisms provide added security against theft or unauthorized access.

10. Customization: Different types of mounts, such as fixed, tilting, or full-motion mounts, offer varying degrees of flexibility to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

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